October 12, 2017
Press Release - Adam Scott "Terraforms"


Opening Reception: Friday, October 13, 2017 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm

On View through November 11, 2017

David Richard Gallery
now represents Adam Scott and presents his first
solo exhibition with the gallery

David Richard Gallery, LLC

Santa Fe Location - 1570 Pacheco Street, Suite A1
Santa Fe, NM 87505
P: 505-983-9555

David Richard Gallery is pleased to announce representation of Adam Scott and his first solo exhibition with the gallery. Terraforms will be on exhibition from Friday, October 13 through November 11, 2017 at 1570 Pacheco Street, Suite A1, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505. There will be an opening reception with the artist on Friday, October 13 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. A digital exhibition catalogue will be available on line along with a video of a gallery talk between the artist and gallerist, David Eichholtz.

Scott continues the tradition of making pictures inspired by landscapes. However, in his newest paintings, there is no horizon or direct reference to landscapes. Using a modified acrylic paint and process of application as well as a two dimensional support frequently consisting of shaped canvases, he instead creates an experience of the earth and specific location of a landscape. The surfaces of these paintings are actually sculpted using many different devices, basically anything other than a brush and including, pouring the paint. The paint is thick and full of volume from the inclusion of a variety of particulates – iron, marble dust, mica – and full of life. The colors range from black to vibrant, bold pigments with the use of fluorescence, pearlescent finishes and interference paint, each providing spectral shifts, a shimmer like the sun reflecting off sand and rocks, as well as optical effects. These paintings look as though they have been sculpted by the earth’s eruptions and tectonic shifts as well as carved by the blowing wind and rushing water, giving them a painterly and hand-crafted feels. They are tactile and the non-square shapes make them seem less likely to have been painted from a “window-view” of the world, but more like they were observed from various shaped portals from outer space or through one’s imagination. 

In the artist’s words, the inspiration for these new paintings is the “visual distillations of observed geologic phenomena that occurs in the high elevations of the Mojave Desert in Joshua Tree California.” Other influences that come through in these paintings are his interests in cross cultural experiences and symbols, and a passion for the trippy, psychedelic side of life with vivid and phosphorescent and interference paints.

About Adam Scott:

Adam Scott explores many creative and cultural passions, as a painter, curator, educator, musician, chef and home renovator. Born in California, Scott received his BFA from California State University Long Beach and MFA from The School of the Art Institute Of Chicago, he lives and works in Chicago. After nearly ten yeas of representation and solo exhibitions with Kavi Guta Gallery in both Chicago and Leipzig as well as Galerie Schuster and Scheuermann in Frankfurt and Berlin, Scott embarked on a new path and series of paintings and exhibition endeavors. Scott has also exhibited in New York, NY, Seoul, Korea, Oslo, Norway, Basel, Switzerland, Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, Ca, and Dallas, TX, among other cities.

About David Richard Gallery: 

Since its inception in 2010, David Richard Gallery has produced museum quality exhibitions that feature Post War abstraction in the US. The presentations have addressed specific decades and geographies as well as certain movements and tendencies. While the gallery has long been recognized as an important proponent of post-1960s abstraction—including both the influential pioneers as well as a younger generation of practitioners in this field— in keeping with this spirit of nurture and development the gallery also presents established and very new artists who embrace more gestural and representational approaches to the making of art as well as young emerging artists. 

In 2015 David Richard Gallery launched DR Projects to provide a platform for artists of all stripes—international, national, local, emerging and established—to present special solo projects or to participate in unique collaborations or thematic exhibitions. The goal is to offer a fresh look at contemporary art practice from a broad spectrum of artists and presentations. Opening the second location in New York in 2017 exposes the gallery’s artists to new markets, institutions and collectors. 

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