1960s Revisted

1970s Painting Per Se, Southern California Painting

Richard Anuszkiewicz

  Variations: Evolution of The Artist's Media 1986 - 2012

Bay Area Abstraction: 1945 - 1965

Bent Perimeters: The 'Shaped Canvas' and Abstraction, 1960s to Today

Judy Chicago

  Heads Up

Judy Chicago

  ReViewing PowerPlay

Michael Cook


Color: Stained, Brushed and Poured

Alex Couwenberg


Michael Falco

  Echoes of the Civil War: The Civil War Pinhole Project

Beverly Fishman

  Future Natural

Beverly Fishman


Luke Gray

  Deep Skin & Strokeworld Paintings

Toadhouse (aka Allan Graham)

  Any Position Limits The View (We Are Only Here For A Spell)

Tom Green

  Mapping the Human Condition
(family, nature, war, authority, memory, compassion)

Jean-Marie Haessle

  The Corner of My Eye

Paul Huxley - Recent Paintings After the Venice Biennale

Ward Jackson

  A Survey of Five Decades

Chris Kahler


Dimitri Kozyrev

  Lost Landscapes

Mokha Laget

  In Shape, In Color

Beatrice Mandelman

Op Infinitum: 'The Responsive Eye' Fifty Years After (Part II)

  American Op Art In The 60s

Park Place Gallery: Founders and Friends, Then and Now

Past is Present:  Alternative Processes in Contemporary Photography

Matthew Penkala

  Tower, Lobby, Floor

Post-Op: 'The Responsive Eye' Fifty Years After

Paul Henry Ramirez


  Force Fields

George Rush

Michael Scott


Julian Stanczak

  Elusive Transparencies

Julian Stanczak

  Lineal Pathways

Julian Stanczak - Editioned Prints

Robert Swain

  Color: Theory and Affect
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  The Circle Reviewed: 1964 to 2012

The Narrative Figure


Leo Valledor

  Shapin' Up

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