Force Fields

June 1 - June 26, 2011

Monday - Saturday or by appointment 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Opening reception with artists: June 3, 2011 5:00 - 7:00 PM


David Richard Contemporary is pleased to present RED (Force Fields), an immersive experience in the color RED. The exhibition will feature a two part installation by Marcia Lyons–a projected live feed of the earth's seismic data bubbling up as large red dots, activated by viewers in one space and translated into a massive digital painting on the walls of an adjacent gallery space. The artwork is data and viewer driven, the viewer moves and the piece moves, as both become one with the pulse of the earth.

The exhibition will include LED artwork by Jim Campbell, Ambiguous Icon #1 (Running Falling), 2000–the seminal, low-resolution piece that became the cornerstone of Campbell’s ongoing investigation into perception. The piece is more evocative than descriptive, with little detail provided by the artist the viewer must engage to create his or her own narrative. Flag, by Leo Villareal, an LED sculpture programmed to cycle through ever-changing images of the American flag transitions to monochromes and abstract patterns. Brightly flashing and reminiscent of fire works, Times Square and all things that glitter, it pulses with political tension and vibrates with social cues–which ones depend upon the viewer’s orientation and current events as colored by the media.

The installation of Woody Vasulkas' Noise Fields, (1974, 2011) will be re-created in the gallery's Project Space. The 'stroboscopic' movement trespasses the viewer's senses, leaving a series of 'after-image' affects by way of electronic perceptual shifts and aesthetic disruptions charged with affects. The exhibition will also feature new videos by Ben Weiner, that focus on the transformation of transformative substances in a montage of photographic stills that seem to create a slow moving painting on a flat monitor.

RED (Force Fields) is based upon the observation that the most important aspect of energy is not the source, but the space around it and the influence of one on the other through some force-like gravity or electromagnetism – RED signals a color's peculiarities. What is color doing to the viewer? With both wave and particle-like characteristics this group of artist's works 'communicate' across a 'field', each has a unique 'frequency' and language to 'speak' to the world as a resonating 'sound'... in light.

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