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Meridel  Rubenstein - Belonging Los Alamos to Vietnam

Belonging Los Alamos to Vietnam, 2004

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This book is a 25 year monograph of the work of photographer and installation artist, Meridel Rubenstein.Divided into eight distinct and interrelating chapters, Rubenstein’s artwork has argued for an awareness of how we’re connected to place. Juxtaposing unlikely ideas and highly charged materials, Rubenstein strives to bridge the ideological distances that alienate us. Projects include: The Low Riders, Critical Mass, and Joan’s Arc/Vietnam. Illuminating her images and texts are essays by James Crump, Lucy Lippard, Elaine Scarry, Rebecca Solnit, and Terry Tempest Williams. Art writer, Rebecca Solnit, has written of Rubenstein : “a consummate maker of metaphors, an artist who can never talk about only one thing at a time, but speaks of things in relationship, of lives to landscapes, of corporeal location and homing-in in terms of labyrinths and minotaurs, of bombs in terms of other myths, of physicists in relationship to pueblos.” And environmental writer Terry Tempest Williams : “Your images, they break my heart wide open, especially now in this shadowed days of war. Your pictures are bows to peace and a realignment of how we view history, even our own.”

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